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Good morning everyone, and welcome to my new blog.

Since few years I’ve been asked why I never wrote a blog about my trips and my answers have always been vague because I never had a good reason why.
Maybe the time has come and it’s the right moment to begin this new journey; I don’t think I should start from <<My name is Simone, I was born and rise in Italy and I’m a professional Nature and Landscape photographer since 2008>> but I have to start from somewhere.
I’m traveling a lot and I live my days with the camera in my hands: I’ve visited a lot of places and I’ve met thousand of people around the world. Different cultures, various religions, contrasting food but always all interesting. I’ve played with the Gorillas, I’ve escaped from a Mama Bear, I’ve spent hours chasing the right sun ray, I’ve slept in a tent and woke up with a Baboon pooping on my pillow, I’ve photographed tigers in Asia, Kangaroos in Australia, Moose at the Rocky Mountains. I’ve had the luck to see and experience some of the Natural Wonders of the World like The Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls or The Great Barrier Reef. I still LOVE what I do and every day is a new adventure.
I like the idea that this blog could become from now on a place where I can write down my ideas, read my notes that I’ve got during my trips; a page where I can share my experiences, my failures and my emotions. I’ve cried, I’ve laughed, I've screamed, I’ve been sad, happy, angry, wet, lost, hungry, grumpy; I wanted to give up so many times but the idea that millions of people would have loved to be in my place gave me the strength to keep going. When people ask me <<What is the best photo that you ever got?>> my answer is <<it’s the one that I didn’t take yet>>. That is the only way to keep traveling with the eyes of a child and the heart of a dreamer looking for the Perfect Shot.

May now the journey begins: hope to see you all here for my next adventure


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